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#8507 "Stephanie"
#8507 "Stephanie"
#8507 "Stephanie"

#8507 "Stephanie"

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$389.00/HK ( up to 1500 crystals )
$589.00/Swarovski ( up to 1500 crystals)
Plain solid dress-$200.00

Plain ombre' dress-$250.00

Front is  lined with  skin-tone lycra with clean finished reverse seam for comfort.  For custom fit order, it will take 4-6 weeks.   Please inquire for color swatch, dance length skirt and exclusively embellishment options by email or messaging us.

All orders over $100.00, will received a free pair of US Icewear footed tights.


Sharp lined and stunning.
Free custom fitting. Matching Lycra short gloves
Extra $25.00 charge.


We offer the following colors in stock. 

-Available colors: Black, Navy, burgundy, merlot, red, purple, royal, sapphire, turquoise, aqua, periwinkle, baby blue, violet, hot pink, coral pink, powder pink, moss pink, yellow, light grey, steel gray, white.

-Ombré colors: light pink- rosy dark pink, light blue - dark teal blue, aqua turquoise blue-navy, violet- dark purple. 

Please specify the color(s) in the checkout message. if you inquire any special color of your choice, check on our fabric supplier’s website www.spandexhouse.com in NYC.

#8507 "Stephanie"