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Style #8362

Shimmering gliiter on transitional lycra fabric. Varigated mesh over varigated lycra bodice and 2 layers of mesh skirt with v-cuts.

Available solid colors:
White, Ivory, Dusty Rose, Lemon Yellow, Cantaloupe, Paprika, Bubblegum Light Pink, Medium Pink, Neon Pink, Rose Pink, Coral, Raspberry, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, Mallard, Orchid, Lilac, Purple, Plum, Merlot, Wine, Cherry, Crimson, Chocolate, Silver, Navy, Black

Also available in variegated colors from darkest to lightest ($50 more):
White - Grey - Black
White - Light Pink - Dark Rosy Pink
Light Pink - Medium Pink - Dark Rosy Pink
Light Blue - Sky Blue - Teal Blue
Turquoise - Sea Foam - Teal Blue
Silver - Mustard - Gold
Golden Yellow - Orange - Red

Skin Tone Mesh:
A. Very Fair
B. Medium
C. Caribbean Skin Tone
D. African Skin Tone

Regular Price: $200.00 (Variegated color $250.00)
- With 432+ Swarovski AB Crystals (add $150.00 more)
- With 720+ Swarovski AB Crystals (add $300.00 more)
- With 432+ Korean Crystals (add $90.00 more)
- With 720+ Korean Crystals (add $180.00 more)

* All dresses are modeled with optional Swarovski or Korean crystals.
* Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings, please call to request swatches before ordering.



Skin Tone Mesh:


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