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Style #8341

An outfit of contrasts, a bit of mystery and adventure.

Available in the following color combinations (right / left side):
Turquoise / Black
White / Black
Coral / Black
Red / Black

Or pick any two colors for right / left side:
Black, Burgundy, White, Navy, Red, Hot Pink, Coral, Turquoise, Powder Pink, Bright Purple, Lavender, Periwinkle, Royal Blue

Regular Price: $350.00
- With 432+ Swarovski AB Crystals (add $150.00 more)
- With 720+ Swarovski AB Crystals (add $300.00 more)
- With 432+ Korean Crystals (add $90.00 more)
- With 720+ Korean Crystals (add $180.00 more)

* All dresses are modeled with optional Swarovski or Korean crystals.
* Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings, please call to request swatches before ordering.


Color Choice:

Right Side Colors:

Left Side Colors:


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